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Since the start of his career, Adam Lambert has been clear about his sexuality. As an openly gay man, Adam went on to wonder why huge stars are staying closeted. Marnie Simpson Fans Did Not Disappoint When She Asked For Baby Name Suggestions. BREAKING NEWS: Adam Lambert Finally Says "I'm Gay" Adam Lambert, the talented 27-year-old Southern California native who lost in the American Idol finals to Kris Allen, finally cleared up months of. "I don't think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I'm gay," Lambert, who has drawn comparisons to iconic singer Freddie Mercury, told the magazine... adam lambert | YourTango Adam Lambert Arrested After Huge Fight With His Boyfriend. The 'American Idol' star didn't have such a fun Jewish group urges Bar Refaeli to find a nice Jewish boy, not Leonardo DiCaprio. Adam Lambert's AMA Act: Sexy or Skanky? The 'American Idol' star both alienates and excites fans with his... Not Gay Enough? Adam Lambert's Lip-Lock Shows... / Queerty Adam Lambert's Lip-Lock Shows Who's 'Mo. By Queerty Staff November 23, 2009 at 10:11am · 21 comments. Despite a mostly forgettable singing performance at last night's And it might have completely negated Out magazine editor Aaron Hicklin's argument that Lambert wasn't "gay enough."

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Since Adam Lambert skyrocketed to superstardom on 'American Idol' and later came out in Rolling Stone, his sexuality has been at the forefront of his career. "There's not just one type of gay person, and that's the hardest part about being one of the few in the public eye," Lambert lamented. Adam | Fever (A Jayy Von Monroe/Adam Lambert Gay Love story) I'm Adam Lambert I'm Gay and was on American Idol. (he should have won) I'm gonna be touring with Blood on the Dance Floor, which will be cool. This is a Gay love story if you don't like it dont read. Jayy von Monroe from BOTDF always complains that his fans mistake him for Adam Lambert so... Is Adam Lambert homophobic? "Is Adam Lambert not gay enough for the gays?" Lambert has to choose sides: Not that Aaron Hicklin said it was Lambert's handlers who had the jitters. not Lambert himself, says gossip blogger Perez Hilton. A Friendly Reminder: Adam Lambert Sucks (Straight Or Gay)

As promised, Adam Lambert is clearing up all the speculation about his sexuality in the new issue of Rolling Stone. “I don’t think it should be a surprise for anyone to hear that I’m gay ... Is Adam Lambert Gay? Why Don't We Ask His Boyfriend You are saying a lot of bad words about Adam Lambert. Being gay is not an issue anymore. Hello, we are in 2010… Oh my God.. there are half a million gays around the world yet you are still criticizing them.? come on try to think of it. your children might grow up to be gay. Its about Adam Lambert being very talented and handsome. Is Adam Lambert Not Gay Enough for the Gays? - Adam Lambert has the difficult task of becoming a megastar while being openly gay. How can he be butch enough for the mainstream but gay enough for his homo fans? He can't, and the gays are ...

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so what if adam lambert is gay? / myLot he is really a gay person. very honest. not like clay aiken who only admited he is gay last year. do you think it was a good move? It really didn't surprise me that Adam Lambert revealed that he was gay. Honestly I could care less if he is or not. The main point is he is very talented, I enjoy his music, his... Adam Lambert - Wikipedia Adam Mitchel Lambert (born January 29, 1982) is an American singer, songwriter and actor. Since 2009, he has sold over 3 million albums and 5 million singles worldwide. Gay Talk Surrounds Adam Lambert of 'Idol' - The New York Times

Is adam lambert gay? ( Archived) (17). All Cats. Hopefully we will come to a point in time when gay people do not have to make public announcements about their s*xual preferance.

At nineteen, Adam Lambert moved to Los Angeles to start college. Abandoned at a young age by his family, Adam works at a local club downtown for money. When he's not working, he's busy starting his own career, if he could let go of his past. ADAM LAMBERT (@adamlambert) | Twitter The latest Tweets from ADAM LAMBERT (@adamlambert). snap: adamlambert insta:@adamlambert. *WORLDWIDE* Adam Lambert on dating and why he's been single for 5 years Adam Lambert on dating and why he's been single for 5 years ... Adam Lambert and Troye Sivan are being dragged for going to this gay brunch. Adam Lambert joined celeb dating app Raya, then this ... Jew or Not Jew: Adam Lambert Oh, if it was only that easy... For it has been reported that Adam's Jewishiness (or, to be more specific, his lack of open Christianity that was exhibited by the majority of Idol winners) might cost him the final vote. We're gonna have none of that. Mobilize, Jews of America. Make your voice heard. Vote Adam Lambert for American Idol!

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